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Professor Paul Workman

Chief Executive & President
The Institute of Cancer Research (ICRC) (Invited)

Professor Paul Workman FMedSci, FRS is Chief Executive and President of The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). Professor Workman is a passionate advocate of personalised molecular medicine and is an enthusiastic practitioner of multidisciplinary cancer drug discovery and development approaches to 'drugging the cancer genome'. He also conceptualised the 'Pharmacological Audit Trail' approach. As well as establishing and successfully leading drug discovery project teams yielding clinical candidates, Professor Workman’s personal and collaborative research utilises molecular pharmacology and chemical biology approaches, including high-throughput and genome-wide as well as hypothesis-driven strategies, to interrogate cancer biology, identify and validate new drug targets, discover and develop chemical tools and drugs acting on these targets, identify predictive and mechanism of action biomarkers, and elucidate mechanisms of drug sensitivity of resistance. He is especially interested in exploiting the addictions, vulnerabilities and dependencies of cancer cells using a combination of small molecule tools and drugs alongside molecular genetic techniques. Professor Workman has successfully built a series of multidisciplinary drug discovery and development teams in the academic, large pharma and biotechnology company sectors. Through this experience he has been able to combine the best elements of each of these environments. He has been responsible for the discovery of a number of drug development candidates, including in particular pathfinding inhibitors of the HSP90 molecular chaperone and the PI3 kinase family of signalling enzymes.

  • Achieving greatest concentration of high-quality research of any higher education institution in the UK
  • Building purpose built labs to house specialist research facilities including supercomputing, microscopy and mass spectrometry laboratory
  • Forming a successful partnership with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in translating discoveries for patients
  • Submitting world-class research studies on the genes and basic mechanisms of cancer and the R &D of new drugs and ways of delivering enhanced radiotherapy