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James Baker

National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester (Confirmed)

James Baker is the 2D materials commercialisation champion at the Henry Royce Institute and CEO of Graphene@Manchester. The Royce is the UK’s national body based in Manchester for research and innovation in advanced materials – and it is supported by the Graphene@Manchester community which includes world-leading experts and research facilities. Manchester therefore leads the world in graphene research and James heads the business-facing development of graphene and 2D materials – including the acceleration, application and commercialisation of these new materials and technologies. With more than 235 researchers across a wide range of disciplines in graphene and related 2D materials, the University is home to the £61m National Graphene Institute, where academics and commercial partners work side by side to develop the graphene applications of the future. To accelerate taking products to market, the £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) will open later this year. The GEIC will have pilot production facilities and characterisation for the industrial scale-up of graphene, as well as develop graphene and 2D materials applications. Before joining the University in 2014, James spent 25 years in industry where, most recently, he was Vice-President of Technology Collaboration Programmes and Managing Director of the Advanced Technology Centres for BAE Systems in the UK.